Types of Bags

Bags...There are never enough bags. Every woman deserves the perfect bag. For some it is a passion, and addictive for others. Whatever your reason for buying a bag, it is an indispensable accessory with its aesthetics and functionality.

A new collection of bags comes out every season. From crossbody bags that will make your daily life easier, to clutches that will crown your night's elegance, full of style and vast options. The important thing is what you want, how you want to express your style.

It is not easy to break molds like 80s and 90s. The classics thus become even more important. We have listed trend bags for you every period that every woman should have in her closet.

The Crossbody Bag

crossbody bag

It is one of the bags that will make you most comfortable during the day. You can carry it easily and safely on your shoulder. It saves you from struggling while carrying your shopping bags and the phone. The point you need to consider when choosing is the size and style.

The Shoulder Bag

shoulder bag

Shoulder bags were popular in the 90's. They are stylish bags on the shoulder that will complement your style, which you can carry as you wish.

The Clutch

clutch bag

Clutches are indispensable for night chic. It started small and modern and at some point switched to vintage style. You can also use large and colorful fabrics in your daytime combination.

The Backpacks


Comfort equals backpacks. After getting used to the backpack, you may have trouble using other bags. It is a model with high functionality that you can use on the back or one shoulder.

The Handle Bag

the handle bag

The magic touch of stylish and classy look. They are the single-handle bags that you can easily carry in your hand. Perfect for a glamorous night out.

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