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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Shopping

Living eco-friendly and adopting more natural habits is not a hard thing if you know where to start. Every day, we are all part and witness how nature, the planet, and the environment are becoming more and more polluted, and with that, destroyed. 

People and the industries are the ones contributing to that, however, modern-day living does offer pretty reasonable and eco-friendly solutions. Although these solutions cannot revert the process of what has already been done and damaged, they can certainly show a new way of living and approach towards preserving the environment to a better future.

Shopping, as part of the daily living and habits of people, does end up polluting the environment, and that is clearly seen through the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags most commonly end up in nature, pollute the environment and endangered animal life. Products that are made out of plastic and other ingredients are harsh for the planet, and do not dissolve into the soil. One great way to get rid of plastic bags and switch towards more sustainable shopping is the use of eco-friendly bags.

Eco-Friendly Bag vs Plastic Bag

The latest data show that each year, around 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, which makes it over one million per minute. From a recycling point of view, this shows that only one plastic bag can be recycled in every 200 bags used. Additionally, a person carries the plastic bag for roughly 12 minutes and it needs a hundred years to decompose. With all of that, it is more than evident that plastic bags are bad for the planet and the environment.

Reusable bags are a much healthier solution since it all comes down to how many times they are used. The more they are reused, the more their impact. That is why reusable bags are much better for the environment. For example, the cotton tote bag should be used at least 173 times; fold-up reusable bag – at least 14 times, while the reusable plastic bag – 2 times and less. With these numbers, it is more than obvious that reusable bags are a safe and much better option than plastic bags.

What are the different types of reusable bags?

As mentioned above, reusable bags are durable and long-lasting. They are usually made of more than a single material which provides the bag with added strength and durability. They also look good. Check out il Storia’s reusable eco-friendly bags.

There are different types of reusable bags that can include:

  • Non-woven fabric
  • Cotton bags
  • Jute bags
  • Recycled PET bags
  • Canvas bags
  • Nylon reusable bags
  • Lunch bags

No matter which type of bag is used, surely according to your needs, it will make an environmental impact. The heavy bags use more resources and they have a bigger impact than others. The reusable bags are eco-friendly and a cheap alternative to disposable plastic bags. 

What is an Eco Tote Bag?

In the last few years, the fashion industry has put a huge focus on providing the market and the consumers with more Eco-friendly fashion products. This change comes after the fact that the fashion industry is the one that takes a big part in environmental pollution. With that in mind, the change started with the more organic, natural, and Eco-friendly approach that has spread through all the branches of the fashion industry. In the accessories department, this change can be seen mainly through the well-known and popular tote bags.

Over the past few years, tote bags have become the inspiration and true representation of how fashion and sustainability can work together to provide interesting and trendy accessories. The tote bag came as the most suitable choice that would deliver that message. The first tote bag was introduced in 1944. L.L.Bean was the person who debuted the canvas bag that was mainly created to carry ice. It instantly became very popular and successful and entered the market in the 1960s. Since then, the tote bag has become a common fashion choice, and lately, the accent falls on the Eco-friendly tote bags.

Eco-friendly tote bags are the best alternative to single-use plastic bags. That is due to the use of particular materials in the process of manufacturing, as well as guaranteed durability. Eco-friendly totes have found their purpose through the daily lifestyle and are a great alternative to plastic bags. Lately, especially popular are the beach Eco-friendly totes, which can be found at il Storia in many options and colors.

The eco-friendly tote bags have an abundance of advantages. The first advantage comes as a reusable grocery bag, which greatly replaces the use of plastic bags. The negative impact on the environment is something that cannot be missed and greatly puts Eco-friendly tote bags in front of other similar accessories. With the reduction of the production of paper, also comes the reduction of curing down the trees, which helps protect and save the environment. Most of these tote bags are cotton-based, which makes them suitable for washing with other laundry.

Furthermore, cotton does not pollute the environment. Another great benefit of the eco-friendly tote bag is that it is recyclable, which means it is also biodegradable. That is more than a great reason for switching plastic bags to eco-friendly totes. Plastic bags are a huge threat to wildlife because many animals end up eating them, which leads to their death.

With these great benefits, it is more than obvious that the eco-friendly tote bag is a far better choice than the plastic bag. From a fashionable point of view, there is an abundance of choices that can suit everyone's needs. At il Storia, you will find the cutest and most stylish tote bags. Whether you want to use them as beach bags, daily grocery bags, or as a school bag, find your pick and be Eco-friendly.

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