Where the Beachwear Style Meets Fashion

Where the Beachwear Style Meets Fashion

Simplicity in the style and the lines of the beachwear accessories is what makes il Storia stand out. The carefully chosen motifs, with the dominance of white, navy, and red, perfectly deliver the ultimate beachwear theme. And that is not all. The ones looking for color and trendier details can enjoy quite an abundance of choices that will satisfy all different tastes.

In so carefully curated and extraordinary offer, one might find challenging how to pick and style all of these beach necessities. Here are some styling inspirations, that will help you nail the perfect beachwear look. Take a look at these colorful sets that will add a luxurious and classy appearance to your next beach outing.

Feather motif

The most characteristic il Storia motif is the feather. Light, romantic, and delicate, the feather is an all-time classic that is a perfect option for summer beachwear patterns. It stands out with its sensuality, and yet, when infused in a denser pattern, it delivers extraordinary looks. A truly appealing and unique set with the feather motif can be achieved by combining flip flops, a beach tote, and a beach towel. Pick the colors and the print as similar as possible if you want to achieve a complete and defined set. For example, Caruso Beach Towel and Caruso blue flip flops would look extraordinary styled with a Neva Blue tote bag.

A splash of color

A splash of color is always welcome at the beach. Moreover, when it comes in the matching set of flip flops and a beach bag. Created on a white base, with colorful splashes of color over it, the Schizarre Flip Flops and the Schizarre Beach bag make an inseparable duo. The red handles make the beach bag truly interesting and appealing, and the flip-flops are unique and eye-catching.

Pineapple print

No summer season can go without the presence of some tropical fruit through the beachwear style. This summer, let the pineapple bring all the colorfulness and playfulness into your beach style. With its sheer pink base, the Pineapple Beach Towel will look wonderfully laid down onto the sunbed. There are, of course, matching Pineapple Pink Flip Flops. To complete the entire Pineapple print-inspired style, add the Pelorous Pineapple Eco Tote Bag.

These are just some of the prints and motifs that you can find at il Storia. All of them are carefully picked and designed so they can be mixed and matched among themselves. So, those who are a bit picky and looking for something different and distinct will find themselves pretty satisfied with our offer.

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